Mese: luglio 2015

Inhomogeneity-driven optical rogue waves through obstacles



In a speckle pattern, light is organized in disordered fashion with maxima and minima of intensity. The multiple wave components underlying  an inhomogeneous  optical rogue wave may give rise to exceptional maxima of intensity which are similar to unpredictable rogue waves appearing from nowhere in the ocean. Here, we demonstrate that the inhomogeneity-driven optical rogue waves may be fully tailored through adaptive optics and that may be also activated behind fully reflective obstacles.


Disorder Induced Self-Focusing



In photonics, disorder is usually seen as a bad feature decreasing the efficiency of optical elements and driving light far from your target.

In this paper we demonstrate that the reverse is possible: disorder transforms two de focusing-plastics into a self-focusing metamaterial.

By exploiting a phenomenon named Transversal Anderson localization it is possible to exploit scattering events to constrain light into a tiny space, and exploit very cheap disordered optical to bring information at large distances.

By putting together Transverse localization and Nonlinearity it si possible to achieve complete control of a light beam, defining the degree of localization and its position.